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With over two decades of experience in the sport of triathlon and twelve years of experience as a professional triathlete, Scott Young is no stranger when it comes to the physical and mental aspects of the sport. As a triathlon coach, he has designed and lead triathlon classes at the University of Nevada, Reno, where he taught hundreds of students for sixteen years as well as becoming the first UNR triathlon club coach. Scott hopes to expand and build on his passion for triathlons and coaching by helping both new and seasoned athletes unlock their potential, achieve their goals, and see just how far they can go. 


Scott got his triathlon start in 1988 on a borrowed bike with a moped helmet and was immediately hooked on the sport. Since then, he has competed in over 300 races and has made triathlons a central part of his professional life.  What Scott loves most about racing triathlons is the feeling of accomplishment you get when you cross the finish line; that euphoric moment makes it feel like you can accomplish anything after that.  For him it was transformative; the sport of triathlon has given him way more than he ever imagined over the last three decades.  Triathlons play a central role in his personal life as well; his wife is a professional triathlete and their teenage son also shares a passion for the endurance sport.



Scott qualified for the Ironman Word Championship in 1996 at his first race as a professional. Unfortunately, he was hit by a car on a training ride 1 month before the race and underwent reconstructive knee surgery on the day of the race. This experience taught him a lot about overcoming adversity and he was able to make a full recovery, coming back to the sport to compete and finish the 1998 Ironman World Championship. 

During his 12 years as a professional he:

  • Won the Donner Lake Triathlon 10 times

  • Placed 5th in the 1999 US Triathlon Series grand Prix series

  • Had multiple top five finishes in the prestigious Tri-California Triathlon Pro Series including Alcatraz, Wildflower, Pacific Groce and Treasure Island

  • Raced all distances including Draft Legal Olympic Distance, 70.3 and Ironman. 

  • Placed top 10 in his last race as a pro in 2008 at the age of 42




Coach Scott Young first started coaching triathletes in 1995 at the local YMCA.  That same year he was a founding member of the Reno Area Triathletes, the first triathlon club in the state of Nevada.  He became the head Masters Swim Coach at Sports West in Reno, Nevada where he coached 22 years. In 2001, he developed and implemented a unique Triathlon class students could take for course credit at the University of Nevada where he taught for 16 years and had over 2000 students go through the program. In 2005, he became the head coach of the University of Nevada Triathlon Club. In 2016, he took over the coaching and management of the Double Diamond Endurance Team with over 50 age group athletes. He has coached many professional triathletes including Kristi Arthur, Liz Lyles, Amber Manforte, Emma Garard. and Brandon Neid to name a few. 

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